Feminism and Body-Positivity: two great articles!

Two excellent articles from the New York Times.

The first one, How to Raise a Feminist Son, expands on the themes from my recent post about boys’ and men’s emotional lives, and the importance of fathers being vulnerable.

The second one, The New Birds and Bees, is about body-positivity, boundaries, and consent. It’s great!! It reflects the language and attitudes that I practice and teach here with the children.

Funny example of practicing body-positivity in the classroom: last week, one of the children went skipping through the room holding a stick between his legs, and exclaimed, “Mia, look what a long pointy penis I have!”
“That sure is a long pointy penis,” I agreed. He did a few laps through the room, and then moved on to something else.

How to Raise a Feminist Son:

The New Birds and Bees:

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Do you wonder about the importance of play? This article is a few years old, and everything in it is still true. Read it, and then go play! Taking Play Seriously, NY Times Magazine:
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I am deeply grateful to Brené Brown for her work on courage, vulnerability and empathy. If you don’t know her work, start with this short but powerful animation, and then go to her webpage.
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When I’m not teaching, I volunteer with Bark, the defenders and protectors of Mt. Hood. Free monthly hikes, monthly educational talks on forest issues, families welcome! Come learn how to defend the forest.
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