The School



The rhythm of the day…

We begin the day at 8:45, arriving into our outdoor space, and having music time outdoors, singing and playing music, learning poems and dances, playing musical games, and sharing our observations of treasures the children find in nature.  

At 9:00 we go indoors for the morning activity, which rotates through puzzles, obstacle course, building blocks, ceramic clay, musical instruments and dance, and drawing in journals. At 9:30 we begin an hour of unstructured imaginative play. There is a wealth of lovely playthings and welcoming spaces, where the children engage their imaginations and friendships. The art studio is always available for painting, drawing, cutting, gluing, collage, and other projects.

At 10:30 we tidy up all the play materials, and everyone takes a turn to use the potty and wash hands before we sit down for lunch. The children bring their lunches from home. While they eat, I read picture books and tell oral stories.

After snack, we have outdoor play, in a big wonderful backyard filled with trees and gardens, mud and sand and water and plants. There are materials for digging, and building, and running and jumping, pouring and mixing and experimenting, and always lots of imagination and friendship. At 12:30, we wash our hands and sit down for a simple snack.

At 12:45, we sing our farewell song, and I bring the children out to the sidewalk to meet their adults to go home.

During playtimes, I am actively supporting children developing social skills through problem-solving, active empathetic listening, turn-taking, negotiating, flexibility, and self-regulation. 



The rhythm of the year…

The school year begins in September, and generally follows the Portland Public School calendar of breaks through the end of the school year in June.

Our activities, songs, and stories change with the seasons. Several times a year, families are invited to join us for seasonal celebrations.

Children attend school three or four mornings a week, Tuesday-Friday, from 8:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Children who will be three or four years old by September 1 are invited to apply.

To apply…

Please call to arrange a visit.  Enrollment is ongoing until all spaces for the coming year are filled.   Mia Pisano